Will Bitcoin Crash to $22,000 in September? Analyzing the Risks

• Bitcoin (BTC) could be primed for a significant drop in the coming weeks, according to a recent analysis from crypto market expert Rekt Capital.
• The worst August drawdowns in history were 17% in 2014 and 18% in 2015, while September has tended to see single-digit percentage losses being common.
• Considering both August and September declines, Rekt Capital estimates that Bitcoin could crash to around $22,000 by the end of September.

Bitcoin Price Predictions for September

Recent analysis from crypto market expert Rekt Capital suggests that Bitcoin (BTC) could be at risk of a significant price drop over the coming weeks. By examining historical data and chart patterns, they estimate that BTC may fall as low as $22,000 by the end of September.

August Drawdowns

Rekt Capital first looked at previous years with the steepest August declines. In 2023, BTC is already down 16%, which is close to the worst-case scenario of an 18% decline seen in 2015. If this were to happen again this year, it would bring BTC’s price down to approximately $24,700.

September Losses

However, even if BTC does not experience an 18% drop during August, double-digit losses are still possible during September as well. Historically speaking, single-digit percentage losses have been relatively common during this month. If we assume an additional 10% drop in September, that would put Bitcoin around $22,200 – effectively meeting Rekt Capital’s target of $22k by the end of the month.


In conclusion then, there is a significant chance that Bitcoin will experience a sharp decline over the next few months – potentially dropping as low as $22k by mid-September if current trends persist throughout August and September. That said however it is important to consider other factors like news events or macroeconomic shifts before making any major decisions regarding investments related to cryptocurrency markets.

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Will Bitcoin Crash to $22,000 in September? Analyzing the Risks
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