Uniswap user pays $ 9,500 in fees for $ 120 transaction

An error which is (very) expensive. A Uniswap user got his brushes tangled on MetaMask. He paid a colossal fee for a minimal transaction.

A fee of $ 9,500 on Uniswap

User „ProudBitcoiner“ came to tell his story on a Reddit thread . He explains that he confused the “Gas Limit” and “Gas Price” fields when he used MetaMask for his transaction. He explains :

Crypto Wealth review did not fill the gas limit correctly in my previous transaction, and the last transaction failed. So I decided to fill in the field manually for the next transaction. “

The user has therefore re- taught 200,000 GWEI in the “Gas Price” field. This gave a transaction in 9500 dollars of fees to an exchange worth only $ 120. ProudBitcoiner explains that it “ destroyed his life ”.

An initial error from MetaMask?

The user also explains that he had recently downloaded the latest version of MetaMask (8.1.2), and that before this version he had never had a problem with the “Gas limit” field. The community therefore wondered whether an alert should not be implemented when a user makes this type of error, in order to warn them that the amount entered far exceeds the amount necessary for the transaction.

The error is, however, due to improper handling on the part of ProudBitcoiner. So he tries to contact Ethermine, who mined the block where the transaction was located. So far, he has received no response.

Uniswap user pays $ 9,500 in fees for $ 120 transaction
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