ConsenSys Unveils Revolutionary zkEVM for Ultra-Secure Ethereum Settlements

• ConsenSys, a leading blockchain development firm, has announced the launch of its zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) on the public testnet.
• The zkEVM is expected to deliver a new level of security and privacy to Ethereum settlements.
• The rollup has been designed to streamline the development process, enhance security measures, and reduce onboarding times for developers.

ConsenSys Launches Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM)

ConsenSys, one of the leading blockchain development firms, has announced the launch of its zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) on the public testnet. Developed over four years, the zkEVM is expected to provide speedy finality, high throughput, and enhanced security for settlements on the Ethereum blockchain.

zkEVM’s Potential Benefits

The upcoming release of zkEVM is a significant step forward in ConsenSys‘ ongoing efforts to advance blockchain technology and bring greater scalability to the Ethereum ecosystem. This rollup has been designed with streamlined development processes in mind as well as improved security and reduced onboarding times for developers.

Private Beta Testing

During Q4 of 2022, a private beta version of zkEVM was made available to a select group of users. This exclusive access enabled over 350,000 transactions to be processed and various decentralized applications (DApps) to be onboarded which served as an invaluable tool for Solidity developers who were able to build, test and launch DApps while putting zkEVM through rigorous tests at scale.

Collaborative Effort

The Consensys zkEVM resulted from a collaborative effort between various teams including Infura Truffle MetaMask Besu Gnark as well as developers working on these projects.


The successful launch of zkEVMs marks a major milestone in Consensys’ journey towards democratization and growth in the Ethereum ecosystem by providing enhanced levels of security and privacy for more secure settlements within this space .

ConsenSys Unveils Revolutionary zkEVM for Ultra-Secure Ethereum Settlements
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