Bitcoin & Ethereum Used for Election Bribery? Taiwan Ministry Sounds Alarm

This article discusses the alarming trends of bribery during elections in Taiwan, with digital currencies and third-party payment platforms being used to facilitate bribery. The Ministry of Justice has revealed that since 2000, over 1.25 billion yuan has been issued in reporting and bribery rewards, with 1,335 cases prosecuted for bribery in the nine-in-one elections.

Key Statistics Highlighted

Recent data released by the Ministry of Justice highlighted the significant amount of money, totaling over 1.254 billion yuan, that has been disbursed as rewards for reporting and bribery from 2000 until the end of May this year. Furthermore, around 50 million yuan was allocated as part of the nine-in-one election bonus last year.

Cases Prosecuted

As per Supreme Prosecutor’s Office records, a total of 1,335 cases related to bribery in the nine-in-one elections held last year have been successfully prosecuted so far. Notable figures like Taipei City Councilor Lin Xinger and Miaoli County Magistrate Zhong Dongjin have also been involved in these cases.

Evolution Of Bribery Methods

The Ministry of Justice has acknowledged that bribery methods have evolved beyond cash transactions to include digital currencies and third-party payment platforms. This further reinforces the need for preventive measures ahead of upcoming elections.

Significant Seizures By National Prosecutors


National prosecutors have successfully seized nearly 15 million yuan as part of their efforts to reduce vote buying activities, setting a record when compared to previous years.

Preventive Measures Needed


Given the increasing prevalence of new forms of bribery involving digital assets and other payment channels during Taiwanese elections , it is essential to take timely preventive measures against such corrupt practices.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Used for Election Bribery? Taiwan Ministry Sounds Alarm
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