FTX Lawyers Object to US Trustee’s Motion for Examiner

• FTX lawyers have filed objections to the US Trustee’s motion for an independent examiner, citing unwarranted cost.
• The US Trustee overseeing the FTX bankruptcy case requested the court to initiate an independent probe in early December.
• The FTX lawyers implied in a recent hearing that the cost of an independent examiner would not provide the much-needed answer to creditors who have lost billions in the FTX scuffle.

The FTX bankruptcy case has been making headlines as U.S. lawmakers, several states, and regulatory agencies have all taken an interest in the situation. In the latest update, FTX debtors, the creditors committee, and the Bahamas Team (JPL) have all filed three objections to the US Trustee’s motion for an Independent Examiner.

The Department of Justice’s U.S. Trustee overseeing FTX’s bankruptcy case proposed the formation of an independent probe in early December, describing the FTX implosion as the fastest big corporate failure in American history. However, the FTX lawyers have objected to the formation of an independent examiner, claiming that it could cost the bankrupt company up to $100 million with no significant benefit.

At the recent hearing, the FTX lawyers argued that the cost of an independent examiner would not provide the much-needed answers to creditors who have already lost billions in the FTX scuffle. In addition, the lawyers pointed out the cooperation between the Task Force members, and the irony of lawyers billing $2165 an hour making the argument that an Examiner’s costs would be wasteful to the estate.

The court is yet to make a decision regarding the appointment of an independent examiner in the FTX bankruptcy case. If the court agrees to appoint an independent examiner, it will be a major milestone in the case as the examiner will be responsible for investigating the cause of FTX’s failure and providing an analysis of the financial condition of FTX. This will provide the creditors with more clarity regarding the case and allow them to make an informed decision on how to proceed with their claims.

Terra 2.0 (LUNA): An Up-and-Coming Cryptocurrency with a Promising Future

• Terra 2.0 (LUNA) is a digital currency that has been rapidly growing in the cryptocurrency market.
• The native asset of the protocol, LUNA, is being used for mining and administration.
• Terra 2.0 (LUNA) has the potential to reach up to $20.76 by the end of 2030.

Terra 2.0 (LUNA) is a digital currency that has been rapidly growing in the cryptocurrency market, and has recently undergone a de-peg event which called for a new Terra (LUNA) to the older one which is now called Terra Classic (LUNC). LUNA, the native asset of the protocol, is being used for mining and administration, and helps to eliminate the mining barrier. This asset also acts as a configurable asset that tackles performance, scalability, and availability challenges.

The features of the Terra (LUNA) protocol can be summarized as follows. Firstly, it is a fully decentralized payment mechanism which substitutes the traditional payment layer on the top of the blockchain. Secondly, it increases transparency by removing the need for intermediaries or authorization. Thirdly, it offers a wide range of features, such as staking, that help to make it a viable cryptocurrency. Lastly, it is a reliable asset that does not require any prior knowledge of the blockchain or other digital currencies.

Terra (LUNA) has the potential to reach up to $20.76 by the end of 2030. While the exact timing and details of the price prediction are still up in the air, investors are optimistic that the digital currency could hit a maximum of $3.63 by the end of 2023. This is largely thanks to the strong fundamentals that the Terra (LUNA) protocol offers, and the potential for growth that it has.

The long-term price of Terra (LUNA) looks promising, and it is expected to continue to increase in value as the usage of the protocol increases. Additionally, the potential for staking, which is a feature of the protocol, also helps to drive up the value of the coin, as it allows users to earn rewards for holding onto the coin for a longer period of time.

Overall, Terra (LUNA) is a promising digital currency that has the potential to increase in value over time. The long-term price predictions are optimistic, and the features of the protocol are attractive to investors. It is expected that the coin will continue to increase in value as more people become aware of the potential of the protocol and its features.

Buy The Dip : Crypto Analyst Urges Traders to Take Advantage of Market Rally

• Crypto Market Recovery Rally: Analyst Urges Traders to „Buy the Dip“ for these assets
• Bitcoin (BTC) is on the verge of hitting its next bullish target of $19,000
• Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, and other major altcoins have shown a similar pattern

The cryptocurrency market has been on a bullish trend since the start of the year, and the past week has seen an even greater surge. Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, has crossed the $18,000 mark after having been hovering around the $16,000 level. Other major altcoins such as Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, and more have also demonstrated a pattern similar to Bitcoin.

Altcoin Sherpa, a well-known cryptocurrency analyst and trader, has made bullish predictions for Bitcoin and Aptos. The analyst has informed his 188,400 Twitter followers that Bitcoin is on the verge of hitting its next bullish target of $19,000, though it is uncertain whether or not there will be a dip before the bull run. Furthermore, the analyst has encouraged traders to “buy the dip” for certain assets.

In general, the current market sentiment is positive, and investors are taking advantage of the gains. Crypto-asset funds and institutional investors have been steadily increasing their holdings of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in recent months. This is further evidence of the growing confidence in the crypto market.

The crypto market is still in its infancy and there is much room for growth. Nonetheless, investors should be mindful of the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. Factors such as market volatility and regulatory uncertainty can have a significant impact on the price of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is important to research and understand the market before making any investment decisions.

SEC Files Objection to Binance’s $1.022 Billion Acquisition of Voyager

• Binance announced the acquisition of Voyager digital assets for $1.022 billion last month.
• The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has now filed a limited objection to Binance due to lack of information regarding the acquisition.
• The SEC has requested Voyager to provide detailed information on the transaction if it failed to occur on April 18.

The crypto exchange, Binance, recently announced its intention to acquire the bankrupt Voyager digital assets for a price of $1.022 billion. The deal was set to close on or before April 18, 2023, with Binance having agreed to deposit $ 10 million in good faith. However, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently filed a limited objection to Binance, citing the lack of sufficient information regarding the acquisition.

The SEC had requested Voyager to provide detailed information on the transaction, including Binance’s ability to make the purchase, their plans for the company following the acquisition, and the details of customer asset protection, should the acquisition fail to occur on April 18. The objection was filed on Jan 4 and states that the purchase agreement fails to mention these key points.

The acquisition of Voyager by Binance was an ambitious move, that would have allowed the crypto exchange to gain a foothold in the world of digital assets. The $1.022 billion bid included the fair market value of Voyager’s crypto portfolio along with $20 million of incremental value.

The SEC’s objection to the acquisition has put a damper on Binance’s plans, as the company must now provide detailed information regarding the transaction in order for it to go through. Until then, it is uncertain whether the acquisition will be successful or not.

The SEC has made it clear that Binance must provide information on their ability to make the purchase, their plans for the company post-acquisition, and the details of customer asset protection should the transaction fail. As of now, the crypto exchange has yet to provide sufficient information to the SEC and it remains to be seen whether the acquisition will be successful or not.

Crypto Market Celebrates Bitcoin’s 14th Birthday, Readies for Stabilization in 2023

• The crypto market celebrated the fourteenth birthday of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2023.
• Market strategists are optimistic the crypto market will stabilize in 2023 with some calling for a mini-bull market.
• The cryptocurrency market has significantly been regulated around the world following the Terra Luna and FTX implosion.

As the world ushered in the 23rd year of the 21st century, the cryptocurrency market celebrated the fourteenth birthday of Bitcoin (BTC). The crypto market has seen a significant amount of growth since its inception, but it has also seen its share of struggles over the past few years. In 2022, the market was hit by a sharp decline, with over $2.2 trillion being wiped out of the decade-old market in less than twelve months. This has led to an increase in the fear of holding digital assets among investors.

Despite the market’s struggles, market strategists are optimistic that the crypto market will stabilize in 2023 and some are even calling for a mini-bull market. Analysts are in agreement that both speculative and macroeconomic aspects need to be respected in order for the market to recover. Bitcoin price and other top altcoins like Ethereum have been seen to have a high correlation with the traditional stock market, and this relationship is expected to be even more important in 2023.

The cryptocurrency market has also seen a significant amount of regulation around the world, particularly following the Terra Luna and FTX implosions. This has led to a more secure market, but also means that investors need to be more vigilant when making their decisions. The Ethereum community is eagerly awaiting for the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 to be implemented, as this is set to change the way transaction fees are calculated, making it easier for users to transact on the platform.

In addition to the EIP, there are a number of other key dates and events that investors should be paying attention to in 2023. This includes the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 network, which is expected to take place in the second half of the year. There is also the Taproot soft fork, which is set to increase privacy and scalability on the Bitcoin network.

Overall, the cryptocurrency market is expected to have a more stable year in 2023, provided that both speculative and macroeconomic factors are respected. With the implementation of the EIP and other key dates and events, the market should be in a better position to start recovering from the losses of 2022.

XRP Price Set to Surge as Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit Verdict Looms

• The XRP price has recovered from the massive fallout of the first few days of 2023 and is expected to rise further in the coming weeks due to a major event.
• The crypto space is gearing up for a volatile month with multiple events expected to impact the majority of crypto prices, including XRP.
• The outcome of the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit will be a major catalyst for the XRP price, and the buying volume has intensified in anticipation of the judgment.

The cryptocurrency market has been in a state of flux over the past few weeks with the prices of many coins experiencing wild swings. One of the most volatile coins has been Ripple’s XRP, which has been on a roller coaster ride in recent months. After undergoing massive fallout in the first few days of 2023, the XRP price appeared to have sustained the trembleded condition. The price is further believed to raise high in the coming weeks as a major event is believed to act as a major catalyst.

The crypto space is gearing up for one of the most volatile months with multiple events set to impact the value of the majority of the cryptos. XRP price is also believed to rise significantly as the buying volume has intensified to a large extent. The much-awaited judgment of the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit is expected to be produced which may act as the biggest catalyst for the price to propel high. Ever since the market dropped due to the FTX fiasco, the XRP price has maintained significant strength and recovered most of the losses very quickly. Since then the token is able to hold above the crucial support levels but also failed to break the resistance levels as well.

However, the overall sentiment in the market is positive as the traders are very optimistic about the news which is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. The news of the lawsuit is expected to bring a major boost in the XRP price as the investors are expecting a positive outcome from the case. The buying pressure is likely to increase in the coming days as the anticipation builds up.

The XRP price is expected to remain volatile over the coming days as the investors are eagerly waiting for the outcome of the lawsuit. The verdict could bring a major boost to the price of the token and could propel the price to a much higher level. The sentiment in the market is also very positive as the majority of the traders are expecting a positive outcome which could bring a major boost to the XRP price.

Overall, the XRP price is expected to experience a major surge over the next few weeks as the outcome of the lawsuit is eagerly awaited by the investors. The buying volume is likely to increase significantly as the anticipation builds up and the sentiment in the market is very positive. The XRP price is expected to break the resistance levels and find a much higher level if the outcome of the lawsuit is positive. Investors should keep a close eye on the developments in the market and make sure to monitor the XRP price closely.

NFTs sollten für Milliarden verkauft werden, nicht für Millionen

New York, 10. April – Wie schätzen Sie eine NFT? Im vergangenen Monat verkaufte Jack Dorsey seinen ersten Tweet als NFT für fast drei Millionen Dollar. Elon Musk folgte und verkaufte einen Tweet über NFTs als NFT. Ein anderer weniger beachteter Milliardär, der frühere Disney-Chef Michael Eisner, kündigte Pläne an, seine Firma Topps, das Baseball-Sammelkarten-Outfit, über Bitcoin Pro an die Börse zu bringen. Die Bewertungen sind an die in NFTs verzweigten Sammlerstücke gebunden.

Wie Jack und Elon gehen, geht auch der Rest des klugen Geldes. Und kluge Künstler

Die Fähigkeit eines Künstlers, seine Musik, Bilder oder andere Kreationen in allen Formen des Universums zu nutzen, wurde von den Mittelmenschen immer stark behindert. Vertriebshändler, Anwälte, universelles internationales Urheberrecht. Wenn Sie beweisen, dass Sie etwas besitzen, müssen Sie eine Titelkette aufbauen und andere geschäftliche Probleme lösen, die sich wahrscheinlich erst später verschieben.

Um zu vermeiden, dass Sie in ein Konservatorium versetzt werden oder nicht Ihren eigenen Namen, Ihre eigene Arbeit, Ihr ähnliches Bild, Ihre eigenen Rechte und all die anderen Möglichkeiten besitzen, mit denen sich schmuddelige Menschen entwickelt haben, um sicherzustellen, dass die Arbeit eines Künstlers für fast jeden mehr bringt, außer für den Künstler, warum nicht? t du NFT alles was du machst?

Möchten Sie die Person sein, die 2011 mit zehn Bitcoin für ein 25-Dollar-Sushi-Abendessen bezahlt hat? Heutzutage ist FOMO nicht der einzige Grund, wenn es einen technischen Zug gibt, auf den man einsteigen kann. Musk’s Tweets sind seit Jahren Markttreiber trotz der FTC (oder besser gesagt dank.)

Alle reden über Tina, das neue HBO-Dokument. Kaum vorstellbar, dass das einzige, was sie aus der Scheidung mit Ike herausbekam, der Name „Tina“ war. Wenn nur NFTs existieren würden. Es wäre alles in Ordnung in der Blockchain.

Künstler wie Shontelle, Platinum Recording Artist und Grammy Nominated Songwriter lernen von den Tinas und Brittanys und nutzen NFTs, um ihr geistiges Eigentum in die Tat umzusetzen , Anwälte, Einzelhändler. Sie verkauft nicht nur NFT IP, sondern schafft NFT-Erfahrungen, die auf der Nutzung ihrer geistigen Eigenschaften beruhen.

Auf diese Weise ebnet Shontelle als eine der ersten schwarzen Musikerinnen, die ihre eigenen High-Tech-Sammlerstücke herausgibt, den Weg für vielfältigere Künstler, Entertainer und Sportler, NFTs kreativ zu nutzen, um über ihre House Party NFT-Auktion direkt mit Fans in Kontakt zu treten (diese Woche vom 8. bis 11. April auf owens.market , einem NFT-Hub). Sie hat jetzt nicht nur mehr Kontrolle über ihre Kunst, sondern auch mehr Kontrolle über ihre Geldgewinne. Es ist ihre eigene kreative Kontrolle, wie es jetzt jede Künstlerin kann, die normalerweise nur die Milliardäre zuvor hatten und die ihr mehr Geld einbringt als nur den inneren Geldwert des zugrunde liegenden geistigen Eigentums.

Wie viel ist eine NFT wirklich wert? Wir lernen dieses Jahr viel über Wertmodelle

Wirtschaftswissenschaftler wissen nicht, ob die während der Pandemie ausgegebenen globalen Rekordverschuldungsregierungen zu Inflation führen werden oder nicht (Komm schon! – Dies war früher im Makroökonomie-Quiz !!!). GameStop- und AMC-Aktien haben sich so lange von den Kurs-Gewinn-Verhältnissen gelöst. Die einzige Antwort darauf, was etwas wert ist, ist, was der Markt sagt, dass es wert ist.

Und im Moment verwendet der Markt eine sehr starke, vorausschauende Vorstellungskraft, um NFTs in Millionenhöhe zu bewerten. Und warum nicht?

Wir haben eine Vorstellung vom Lebenswert eines Picasso, Herr der Ringe und Star Wars. Warum sollte ein Schöpfer so viel Geld auf dem Tisch lassen? Talent ist ein seltenes Gut auf dieser Welt, Geld jedoch nicht. Geld kann einfach in einem Federal Reserve Zoom-Meeting erstellt werden. Aber ein Hit? Ein Meisterstück? Oder einfach ein Lied oder Bild, das du magst? Das ist unbezahlbar.

100% i Bitcoin: Gold Bug Peter Schiff’s Son går All-in på BTC

Guldbuggen Peter Schiff har avslöjat att hans son, Spencer Schiff, har gått all-in på bitcoin. Schiff kallade sin son „hjärntvättad“ för att han köpte så mycket av kryptovalutan och tillade att han kan behöva „avärva“ sin son för att undvika att barnet bränner igenom sina hårt förtjänade pengar.

Peter Schiffs son har gått full Bitcoin

Euro Pacific Capital VD och värd för Schiff Radio Show, Peter Schiff, twittrade på onsdagen:

Min son Spencer Schiff gick in på bitcoin den sista droppen under $ 50 000. 100% av hans portfölj är nu i Bitcoin Trader. Han sålde det sista av sina silverlager för att samla in kontanter. Om min egen son är så hjärntvättad, föreställ dig hur sårbar de flesta barn är. Han HODLING till oändlighet eller byst.

I skrivande stund har hans tweet fått 5,4 000 kommentarer. Det har också gillats 21,6 tusen gånger och retweetat 3,1 tusen gånger. Priset på bitcoin ligger för närvarande på 57 983 dollar, baserat på data från marknader.Bitcoin.com.

Schiff hävdade vidare:

”Den unga generationen gillar bitcoin eftersom de flesta saknar kunskap eller erfarenhet för att se igenom hype. När de blir äldre föredrar de också guld, förutsatt att bitcoin till och med fortfarande finns kvar. ”

”Min son Spencer Schiffs senaste bitcoinköp resulterade i en följd av Jack [Twitter-vd Jack Dorsey]. Jag antar att det betyder att han inte behöver oroa sig för att bli avplattad nu. Det är fortfarande en risk för mig eftersom Jack inte följer mig, menade Schiff.

Att Spencer gick all-in på bitcoin

Morgan Creek Digital-partner Anthony Pompliano kommenterade att Spencer gick all-in på bitcoin. Han sa till Peter:

„Åtminstone någon i din familj ökar sin rikedom i år.“

Twitter-användaren Adam Moody chimade in och hävdade: „Och det är därför han [Spencer] kommer att bli rikare än du.“ Schiff svarade genast:

Jag måste avärva honom. Annars kommer han att slösa bort min hårt förtjänade rikedom på mer bitcoin.

Som svar på en fråga om huruvida han är redo för bitcoins pris att bryta ut över $ 60 000 och hur mycket BTC han köpte på doppet insisterade Schiff på att han köpte „ingen“. Men han tillade:

”Tyvärr var min son Spencer Schiff inte lika smart. Visst att han kunde sälja nu med vinst, men han vägrar att sälja något. Så pappersvinsten betyder ingenting. ”

Dessutom insisterade den äldre Schiff att han inte kan rädda Spencer om han skulle förlora pengar på bitcoin. ”Kan inte göra det. Han måste drabbas av konsekvenserna av sina misstag. Det är det enda sättet att lära sig en lektion. ”

Spencer twittrade därefter det populära „Old Man Yells at Bitcoin“ -meme till sin far. Den 18-åriga bitcoin-förespråkaren sa tidigare att hans fars förståelse av pengar är bristfällig. Samtidigt erkände Peter Schiff nyligen att priset på BTC kunde nå $ 100K efter att det steg över hans förväntningar.

Bill Gates: bitcoin is „only for billionaires like Elon Musk“

Bill Gates: Bitcoin is „only for billionaires like Elon Musk“

In an interview with Bloomberg, Microsoft founder Bill Gates tells how dangerous Bitcoin can be for small investors.

In keeping with the current drop in the crypto market, Bill Gates speaks out. According to Gates, you shouldn’t touch Bitcoin unless you’re as rich and thoughtful as Tesla CEO Elon Musk is. In an interview with Bloomberg on 23 February, Gates shared this stance: „Elon has lots of money, and he’s very thoughtful.

I’m not worried that his bitcoins are going to go up or down somehow randomly […] my general thought would be if you have less money than Elon, you should probably watch out.“ Gates worries that many small investors who bought in the Bitcoin Evolution current bull market will not be able to cope with coming price falls. In the interview, the once richest person in the world explains that Bitcoin requires too much energy and promotes anonymous irreversible transactions. Therefore, he says, a fall in the price is to be expected.

Nevertheless, he claims that digital money is a good thing if it can be traced: „The Gates Foundation is doing a lot in terms of digital currency, but these are things where you can see who is making transactions. So, digital money is a good thing.“

Gates expects digital money to play a big role in the world’s poorest countries

By his own admission, Bill Gates is neutral on Bitcoin. The statements in the Bloomberg interview are said to be an objective opinion: „I don’t own Bitcoin. I’m not short on Bitcoin. So I have a neutral view.“

In a previous interview with CNBC, the Microsoft founder revealed that he had changed his view on Bitcoin from negative to neutral. Previously, Gates had bet against bitcoin with a short bet.

Grande correzione per il DeFi come Bitcoin respinto

Grande correzione per il DeFi come Bitcoin respinto di nuovo sopra $40K: cosa c’è dopo?

Il mercato DeFi ha corretto duramente mentre il Bitcoin è sceso sotto i 40.000 dollari, ma gli analisti dicono che una ripresa è probabile.

Il mercato della finanza decentralizzata o DeFi ha visto una forte correzione nelle ultime 12 ore, poiché Bitcoin (BTC) non è stato in grado di rompere il livello di 41.000 dollari.

Nel frattempo, gli analisti dicono che i Bitcoin System profitti dei principali token DeFi stanno rifluendo nel Bitcoin, anche se il mercato DeFi è ancora in ritardo nonostante il recupero di BTC nell’ultima settimana.

Quindi cosa c’è dopo per il mercato DeFi?

Sia i principali token DeFi bluechip che le piccole criptovalute con market cap stanno lottando per recuperare contro il Bitcoin durante il fine settimana.

I tipici asset DeFi bluechip includono artisti del calibro di Aave (AAVE), SushiSwap (SUSHI), Uniswap (UNI), Maker (MKR), Compound (COMP) e Synthetix (SNX).

I principali token DeFi con market cap leggermente più piccoli includono Alpha Finance (ALPHA), Yearn.finance (YFI), e 0x (ZRX).

La ragione principale dietro la correzione del mercato DeFi è che i profitti dai token DeFi stavano fluendo in Bitcoin mentre BTC ha iniziato a tirare indietro.

Questa tendenza ha amplificato la pressione di vendita sui token DeFi, soprattutto perché la coppia Bitcoin/Ether (ETH) ha visto una debolezza a breve termine negli ultimi due giorni.

Tuttavia, il mercato delle criptovalute si è mosso rapidamente e quindi le dinamiche di mercato potrebbero cambiare rapidamente nei prossimi giorni, soprattutto con il lancio dei futures CME Ether lunedì.

Allo stesso tempo, un altro rally della DeFi potrebbe essere innescato dal prezzo del Bitcoin che stavolta rompe nettamente sopra i 40.000 dollari e si consolida tra 41.000 e 42.000 dollari, il massimo storico.

Perché questo si materializzi, Ether dovrebbe raggiungere Bitcoin e riguadagnare slancio sopra i 1.700 dollari nel breve termine. Per ora, ETH è in ritardo rispetto al Bitcoin, con la coppia ETH/BTC che fatica a recuperare.

Se ETH recupera $1.700 come area di supporto sarà probabilmente il fattore chiave che deciderà la traiettoria del mercato DeFi nel prossimo futuro.

Il Bitcoin può raggiungere un nuovo massimo storico?

Puru Saxena, un investitore e un manager di denaro in pensione, ha detto che se il Bitcoin torna sopra i 40.000 dollari di nuovo, invaliderebbe lo scenario ribassista. Egli ha detto:

„Il Bitcoin è tornato sopra i 40.000 dollari e anche se non ha ancora portato fuori il suo ATH, a differenza del ciclo precedente, non si è nemmeno rotto completamente. Se $BTC chiude sopra il suo massimo di gennaio, significa che la mia valutazione della price action era SBAGLIATA e i tori avevano ragione“.

Le heatmap degli scambi, in particolare l’orderbook di Binance, mostrano grandi muri di vendita a 41.000 e 42.000 dollari. Come tale, se Bitcoin recupera 40.000 dollari e si fa strada verso 41.000 dollari, confermerebbe che una struttura di mercato rialzista è ancora intatta.

Se il Bitcoin riprende forza e considerando che l’indice DeFi non ha rotto la sua struttura parabolica, una continuazione del rally è più probabile di una forte correzione.

Gli asset DeFi bluechip hanno già iniziato a recuperare fino all’apertura giornaliera del 7 febbraio, con AAVE, SNX e ALPHA che mostrano forza.

Sarebbe cruciale per l’indice DeFi recuperare oltre 2.080 nel breve termine, tuttavia, per mantenere la sua struttura di mercato rialzista, il che richiederebbe un rally del 4%.